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At Beyond Words Bookshop, we hold the belief that books possess the incredible ability to shape hearts and minds. With a commitment to positive values, we build a collection that weaves the fabric of strong character and celebrates the beauty of literature that uplifts and resonates with the human spirit. We strive to be a trusted source for members of the community. We also understand the responsibility of offering a space where parents can confidently choose stories that enrich their children's lives. Join us on a literary journey where each page turned is a step towards a world filled with the enduring wonder of stories. Together, let's enjoy the transformative power of books that is Beyond Words.

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I'm Kelly Boggs, a long time educator and book lover with a passion to ignite a love for literature. Originally from the heart of Ohio, my family and I relocated to Arizona in 2018. With almost two decades of experience in the classroom, I've dedicated my career to shaping young minds as a middle-grade English teacher, currently serving at Gilbert Christian Schools in the vibrant community of Agritopia.

My personal philosophy about reading took a turn in 2016 when I came across two eye-opening takes on presenting reading in the classroom: Book Love by Penny Kittle and The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller. These books revolutionized my entire approach to reading, both teaching it and my own reading life. Inspired by their methods, I helped launch the iRead Revolution at my school, carving out precious time during the school day for students to immerse themselves in the wonder of books.

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Fueled by a desire to instill a lifelong love of reading, we spearheaded initiatives such as securing public library cards for the student body, organizing trips to the Columbus Public Library, and even revitalizing our own school library, which had long been untouched. Through social media we gained the incredible support of our local community, we transformed a dormant space into a vibrant hub of literary exploration, sparking excitement and curiosity among our students. Yet, amidst this exhilarating journey, I stumbled upon a realization: not all books are created equal. Recognizing the profound impact literature can have on shaping young minds, I became deeply committed to compiling a collection of books that not only captivated but also uplifted, fostering positive character development and a healthy worldview.

This passion led me to establish Beyond Words Bookshop, a haven for book lovers seeking reads that celebrate virtue, promote healthy relationships, and inspire personal growth. Whether you're a seasoned reader or just beginning your literary adventure, I invite you to explore our curated selection and discover the powerful messages that move beyond words.

Warmest regards,

Kelly Boggs

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